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Traction Waist Stretch Pillow Adult Waist.

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Imported environmentally friendly PU material
Take care of the head and neck, release the pressure, and feel the new experience of protecting the spine
Material advantages
Has the unmatched advantages of plastic materials, elastic, supportive, and soft at the same time,
It is more personal and skin-friendly, and it is more comfortable to use.
Instead of normal lumbar support, correct waist sitting posture
Ergonomic design, relax the muscles of the waist,
Pull | waist spine, for yoga lovers, can be used to do yoga

Product information:

Pillow shape: bone type
Pillow height: 10.1-15cm
Applicable number: single
Applicable object: Adult
Filling: memory foam

Size Information:


Packing list:

1*Stretch pillow