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Multi-function hair curlers.

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6 in 1 change tube ceramic curler set

【product description】

1.6 in 1 change tube tourmaline ceramic set, size 09-18mm, 19-25mm, 25-25mm, 19mm-19mm, 32mm-32mm, beads 25mm;
2. PTC fever rises,
3. Plastic brackets;
4. The operation is simple, there is a pull-out button;
5. Insert the tube with self-locking function;
6. LED lamp temperature selection 1 file medium temperature 150 degrees Celsius (300 degrees Fahrenheit), 2 files high temperature 210 degrees Celsius (410 degrees Fahrenheit)
7. The wire and body color are the same;
8. Universal 100-240V dual voltage;
9.360° rotating 2.5M power cord;

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  1: Do not cover the object on the curling iron to avoid damage to internal components due to excessive temperature;

  2: Do not store on flammable materials and items that are not resistant to high temperatures during use;

  3: Do not bring it into the bathroom, or put it in water or any liquid to avoid accidents due to electric shock;

  4: Do not allow children to use this product to avoid burns;

  5: Straight hair, curls, hair extensions should maintain a certain safe distance from the skin to avoid overheating and burns;

  6: If the power cord and other components are damaged, they must be repaired by the manufacturer or the maintenance department, or they should be repaired by professional staff. Do not disassemble them.