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Men's Reissue Block hair topper human hair

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Product information:

Model: Men
Treatment process: mechanism
Wig length: short hair
Can be dyed hot: can be hot dyed
Hair material: real hair
Applicable skin tone: any skin tone
Applicable face shape: any face shape
Efficacy: cover the sparse top of the head
Color: pure mechanism 13*14 natural black, pure mechanism 16*18 natural style, pure mechanism 16* 18 wool-inch style, mechanism 16*18 hand-woven twisted wool-inch style, mechanism 18*20 hand-woven twisted wool-inch style, mechanism 16* 18 hand-knitted natural style, machine-made 18*20 hand-knitted natural style, machine-made 16*18 hand-knitted texture style, machine-made 18*20 hand-knitted texture style

Size Information : 13 x 14 210 / 16 x 18 350 g/ 18 x 2 360 g/

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