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long straight hair wig chemical fiber wig 250 g Long 350 g

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Fashion realistic hair long straight hair wig jiafa chemical fiber wig

Hair material: high temperature wire


[Long section] pink and purple three-color gradient,   

 [Long section] light tea three-color gradient,    

 [short paragraph] honey pudding (black on the top),   

  [short paragraph}] brown red (black on the top),     

 [short paragraph] cold brown,    

 [short paragraph] chocolate,   

  [short paragraph] brown black,    

 [short paragraph] brown and black gradient thin vine, 

   [short paragraph] chocolate gradient light tea,  

   [Long section] honey pudding (black on the top),    

 [Long section] cold brown,   

 [long section] chocolate color,   

  [long paragraph] brown black   250 g long 350 g