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Electric Neck Massager U shaped Pillow Multifunctional Portable Shoulder Cervical Massager Outdoor Home Car Massage

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1) Our neck pillow uses the techniques of grasping, rubbing, and pinching to cover the deep massage, dredge the meridians, alleviate soreness, and push and knead the layers deeper.
2) Easy to operate: For a full Shiatsu massage experience, press and hold the power button to turn this 2-way massager on. The massage mode is set to automatically turn off after 15 minutes.
3) Simply chargeable by USB cable
4) This clip-on massager has 2 kneading nodes to improve blood circulation on the neck and shoulder, relieve fatigue, and enhance your well-being.
5) Features a double-layer velvet fabric with skin-friendly fine texture. Its U-shape ergonomic design is perfect not only as a neck massager but also as an airplane pillow.
6) Made of a pure memory foam pillow with no additives, our electric massager effectively absorbs pressure and offers your neck the right level of comfort.
Remove the coat and wash, the inner core cannot be washed
A: The DS-U200 vibrating lunch break
B: Knead both ends of the DS-U500 vibrating model
C: DS-U600 heated version kneaded on both ends
D: DS-U800 four-head double movement kneading vibration model
E: DS-U1000S four head double movement kneading + vibration + heating

Coat fabric: double-layer breathable velvet
Size: 24*26*10cm

Package Content:
1 x Massage Pillow delivery time 9 to 18 days.