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Electric Head Massager Magnetic Therapy Hair Growth Comb Blue Red Light Scalp Massage Brush Relieve Fatigue Pressure LED Display

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1. Red and blue light can penetrate the epidermal cells, reach the root of the hair follicle, nourish the hair root deeply, relieve the pressure of the head, inhibit the secretion of oil, prevent the blockage of pores, and make the hair root strong and smooth.
2. 5 modes and 9 gears can be adjusted, and the mode and gear can be changed according to their own situation.
3. 26 soft massage contacts and magnet physiotherapy can massage the head, promote blood circulation, and high-frequency vibration can promote hair growth.
4. LED large screen display, working gear, and mode, at a glance.
5. Conduct the current to conduct the static electricity on the hair to the ground to effectively remove the static electricity.
6. Memory off gear, next boot do not need to reset, greatly improve efficiency, save time.
7. USB large capacity lithium battery, convenient charging, long life.

Product category: Hairdressing comb.
Material; ABS
color: White
Size: 15-20CM

Package Content

1 x Hair Comb
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual