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hot-selling hair curler right angle 7-character hair curler

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  Product Attributes

1.  Power cord360Degree rotation design,Using2*0.75mm2Pure copper rubber round wire;

2.  Heating tube:Ceramic Coated heating tube;

3.   20 Section temperature control,No matter thick hair or fine hair, it can be easily done;

4.  Heating quickly,Super large heating diameter,Turn on the switch to use,No need to wait; 

5.   Automatic shutdown, 45Minutes unused,Automatic shutdown of hair curler,Prevent potential safety hazards caused by forgetting to shut down;

6.  360 Degree rotating power cord,Suitable for various angles,More comfortable to use;

7.   Built-in NTCTemperature sensor,Accurate temperature control,No hair injury;

8.  Scheduled reminder,You can set the curling time before using,Intelligent curly hair;

9.  With LCD screen,You can check the curly hair temperature at any time.,Cooperate with temperature control switch,Safer to use,More comfortable


Product Description:

1.  Material:Aluminum Alloy +Electroplated gold

2.  Input power: 45W-60W

3.   Packing List:Host + Manual + Give a glove

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